Thank you California

The Northeast has been hit hard by mother nature these past weeks. Freezing temps make the local flower supplies quite scarce. Even the lovely greenhouse grown ranunculus and anemones look a bit frozen these days. So hats off to California for keeping our spirits up with their bountiful beauty.

Good Eggs Bouquets


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Light and Dark

December BouquetDecember BouquetDecember

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December has been a whirl of holiday parties, tea, citrus, snowstorms, warm socks, noodle soups, and lots of trips to the market in the cold & dark early mornings. I have loved working with all the winter flowers- always the ranunculus, anemones and varied eucalyptus. I have not been so good about photos though. Photographing flowers is really amazing and fun but after busy hours sourcing and designing it is the last thing I think of and sometimes the camera is just not where I need  it to be so I  snap some phone pics, pack up and head out the door. I should put that on my New Years Resolution list- take more/better flower pics. Ahh… the amendments begin.
December FlowersDecember FlowersWinter FlowersWinter Flowers

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Wreath Works

WreathWreath Studio

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Winter Bouquet

Winter Bouquet

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Autumn’s End

Fading PoppiesNovemberNovember

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What the Fall Brings

Not much for words these days. Just letting the flowers speak for themselves. I have some more detailed posts in the works but just trying to find the time to get it all done. Fall is a busy time with flowers. This is the first event free weekend in a while. The sun is shining and the garden is much in need of an overdue fall breakdown. With the cold settling in there are few days left to work in the garden so I better take advantage and hightail it outdoors. Hand Tied BouquetWinter Bouquets Good EggsRanunculusSeasonal WreathWinter Bouquet

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Perfect Days

Autumn BouquetOctober Wedding October Wedding FlowersSeasonal Bouquets FallPretty Streets Garden FlowersAutumn WreathSeasonal Bouquets

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Good Eggs BouquetsWilla and FlowersGood Eggs BouquetFall Bouquet

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Garden Bouquets

Good Eggs Bouquets_2582Garden Bouquets

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