Happy Spring!

At last winter is over! It has been a rough one here in the Northeast but we made it through. The first day of spring happened this week and the weather started to follow suit  for a bit except for the snow flurries forecasted for tomorrow. The farmers almanac did say there will be snow into April. Well, at least we are getting closer and working with all the bright spring flowers have made me so happy even if I have to stay indoors.

PoppySpringSpringSpring cherry Spring Bouquet

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Whole Lotta Love

Valentine's bouquetsBouquetsValentine's flowersWrapped BouquetSweet PeaValentine's bouquetsValentine's Valentines

Thanks to everyone who ordered flowers from us for Valentine’s Day! The bouquets were practically flying out the door ( almost literally thanks to the lovely nor’easter that came our way). Snow, sleet, and hail did not keep me from getting to the market way before the break of dawn.  Regardless of the weather, there was lots of love in the air and I am forever grateful that I get to do what I do.

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Valentine’s Shop is Open Oh Yeah!

ValentinesValentine’s Day is almost here!

We are thrilled to offer so many options for your valentine’s orders this year! We will be working with garden roses, poppies, ranunculus, anemones, flowering branches and more of the seasonal best. Bring on the romance or treat yourself !

You can place orders for bouquets or arrangements right here! All pre-orders through our site need to be in by February 12th. Make sure to let us know your ordering info before checking out. We will be delivering throughout NYC February 13th and 14th.

You can pick also pick up a small bouquet at The Bedford Cheese shop starting on Thursday the 13th or from SkinnySkinny Organics all week long!

Last, but not least, you can always order through Good Eggs NY as well.

Phew… that was a lot of information. Please, let us know if you have any questions info@prettystreetsbotanicals.com

We can’t wait to make something lovely for the one you love! Valentines Bouquet

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Don’t Be Blue

We are now taking orders for Valentine’s Day! In the next few days we will have a shop up to make it easier for you. Until then feel free to contact us to pre-order your bouquets. info@prettystreetsbotanicals.comBlue Valentine

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Air As An Element

PoppyJanuary FlowersJanuary

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Bright Flowers Grey Days

There have been lots of Good Eggs wrapped bouquets being made in the studio these days. All the amazing ranunculus and bright-colored poppies have definitely been chasing the winter blues away. These bouquets made us so happy we were a little sad to send them on their way.

Good Eggs January BouquetsJanuary BouquetsJanuary Bouquets

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Little One

January Small Bouquet

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Thank you California

The Northeast has been hit hard by mother nature these past weeks. Freezing temps make the local flower supplies quite scarce. Even the lovely greenhouse grown ranunculus and anemones look a bit frozen these days. So hats off to California for keeping our spirits up with their bountiful beauty.

Good Eggs Bouquets


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Light and Dark

December BouquetDecember BouquetDecember

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December has been a whirl of holiday parties, tea, citrus, snowstorms, warm socks, noodle soups, and lots of trips to the market in the cold & dark early mornings. I have loved working with all the winter flowers- always the ranunculus, anemones and varied eucalyptus. I have not been so good about photos though. Photographing flowers is really amazing and fun but after busy hours sourcing and designing it is the last thing I think of and sometimes the camera is just not where I need  it to be so I  snap some phone pics, pack up and head out the door. I should put that on my New Years Resolution list- take more/better flower pics. Ahh… the amendments begin.
December FlowersDecember FlowersWinter FlowersWinter Flowers

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