Kristen in the garden                                       (photo by Nicole Franzen)

Kristen Ossmann-Founder

Pretty Streets lush and wild designs have a simple elegance that reflects the seasonality of the Northeast. Flowers and materials for the bouquets are sourced locally and domestically during colder months. During warmer seasons, flowers and herbs are grown in the Pretty Streets gardens.

Pretty Streets started in 2011 from Kristen’s  Brooklyn apartment growing flowers in her backyard. When she first moved into the apartment in 2009, she wanted to grow vegetables, but didn’t feel comfortable growing it off the busy street she lived on so she started focusing on growing flowers. Working as an art educator, she channeled her creativity using the flowers she grew into floral designs. In the winter of 2011 when she was planning out the garden for spring, she thought how fun it would be to start growing flowers and have a flower stand for the season.

Her first flower stand was a success and has since grown into a full service design studio providing artful arrangements for weddings, events, private homes, gardens and local businesses.


For inquiries, please contact us at info@prettystreetsbotanicals.com